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     Avadon International Corporation is a Filipino-owned company behind Original KYK Tools and Equipments. The company has been the pioneer and exclusive agent of KYK products for more than fifteen years now. The KYK brand includes among others, KYK Electronic Tools. KYK Industrial Tools, KYK Hand Tools, KYK Gardening Tools, KYK Grinding and Cutting Discs, and KYK Hydraulic and Floor Jacks.

     Avadon International Corporation continues its strong commitment to provide users, amateurs and even professionals alike, with a complete line of high performance and reasonably priced home improvement tools and small-scale industrial equipments. With its dedication to supply customers with durable, high quality and affordable tools and equipments, the Company continues to adapt to the constantly changing home improvement needs of our times. Hence, the KYK brand carries more diverse product lines like KYK Power tools, KYK Flashlights and KYK Bathroom Fixtures, to name a few. These expansion ventures uphold the Company's vision of serving its customers by offering user-friendly and low-maintenance tools and equipments for the utmost satisfaction of a wide range of clients.

     The Company supplies KYK products not only to competitive small-scale hardware stores, but also to various DIY Stores in malls throughout the country.
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