The Many Advantages of Using Power Tools in the Philippines

The Many Advantages of Using Power Tools in the Philippines

What advantages can you get from using power tools in the Philippines?

  1. Power
  2. Speed
  3. Convenience
  4. Safety
  5. Productivity


It hasn’t been long since the introduction of power tools in the Philippines and other parts of the world. For the longest time, humankind has relied on strength and endurance to perform daily tasks and accomplish amazing feats. Hammers, saws, screwdrivers, and measuring tools – people created things and built infrastructures using just these and their bare hands. At some point, these tools were our only option, but that all changed when the first power tool was invented a little over a century ago.

In 1895, a German engineering company combined a manual drill and an electric motor and developed the world’s very first power tool. There wasn’t a name to this invention and it also didn’t last very long because it was way too unwieldy and unproductive, at least by modern standards. Although it didn’t result to anything, the base idea of incorporating an electric motor into simple hand tools was adapted by other people and eventually led to the creation of the power tools that we use today.  

Looking at our history and seeing how our ancestors were able to do great things using just hand tools, it makes one wonder about the need for power tools. You may be thinking that they were invented and sold to the public solely for profit, but you couldn’t be more wrong. There are many advantages to owning these power tools, and we have them all written below!



First, and to get the obvious out of the way, these tools are able to exert an immense amount of power, hence the name. They are powerful enough to pierce holes in thick pieces of metal or go through concrete — something only power tools can offer.

Tasks that were previously thought to be impossible such as driving screws or nails into concrete or piercing roads are now doable thanks to the power of these tools. Not only does this make our lives easier, it also opens infinite possibilities for architecture, construction, art, and other industries.




Another obvious advantage of power tools that goes hand-in-hand with their power is speed. Time-consuming tasks that take hours to accomplish can now be done in a matter of minutes with the use of these equipment.

Many may be led to believe that the end product or outcome of using power tools is less than satisfactory, but that’s definitely not the case. Just because it allows work to be done in less time doesn’t mean things will end up looking bad or in poor quality. The quality of work that these tools produce is just as good, sometimes even better, as what you get from hand tools.



Power tools often come in compact and lightweight bodies that offer a different level of convenience. These small-bodied tools can be brought around wherever needed and used in tight spaces and areas without a problem. Even though the same can be said for hand tools, they aren’t capable of delivering as much power as these and most likely never will.

With their amazing performance, it’s easy to think that power tools are big and bulky equipment that are difficult to handle. The truth is the complete opposite for they can be wielded with absolute ease and convenience.



It’s a known fact that a certain amount of risk comes with using tools of any kind. It doesn’t matter whether they’re simple hand tools or power tools, both these items are accompanied by some kind of danger.

That said, the usage of power tools comes with significantly less amount of risk. They may be bigger and more powerful, but they are also built with safety in mind. Manufacturers have installed features that prevent or at least reduce the probability of accidents and other unfortunate incidents. Don’t use this as an excuse not to wear protective gear or observe safety precautions, though, because that may just put you in harm’s way.  




Not many people are aware of this but the invention of power tools gave birth to a new era of human productivity. These tools, partnered with machines, allowed for things to be done at a considerably faster pace. Work that needed years to complete can now be accomplished in the span of months.

Ultimately, what allowed for the boost in worker productivity and efficiency are all the previously mentioned advantages. Power simplified seemingly-impossible work and made them doable; speed allowed for more tasks to be done in less time; convenience made them portable and usable anywhere; and the guaranteed safety lessened the need to worry about injuries and accidents. When you add all these things up, you see how advantageous these are and why so many prefer using them over hand tools.


Key Takeaway

At this point in time, power tools in the Philippines have become an absolute necessity for people, whether they be DIYers or professionals. There’s only a lot you can accomplish with the use of hand tools, so make sure to invest in a good set of power tools. When you have these in hand, you’d be able to build and/or repair things by yourself with minimal effort and in no time at all!

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