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Celebrate Mother’s Day with These 5 Gardening Tips

What are some gardening tips to celebrate Mother’s Day?

  1. Build a vertical garden
  2. Plant a vegetable patch
  3. Make it easier to water plants
  4. Lay out some paving for the garden
  5. Install some outdoor lighting



Often, the best gift you can give to your mom this Mother’s Day is to spend quality time with them. Just like many mothers, your mom probably has a green thumb of her own. If you are in a country like the Philippines, your gardening tools, as well as your helping hand, might just be what your mother needs to celebrate her day.

You can help your mom improve her garden, or even help her make it if she still does not have one using your measuring tools and other equipment. Your mother is going to appreciate all the help she can get to make her day much more relaxing and easier. Whether her garden is already long-established, or she just has a few pot plants over the balcony, here are 5 gardening tips you can use to celebrate Mother’s Day.



Build a Vertical Garden

Working up a vertical garden is a fantastic way for your mother to grow her own plants even if she has a limited space to work in. Garden space can be very limited in places like the Philippines, so use your gardening tools to build something for plants to climb and cling on like a fence or a wall made from wood.

Use your tools for measuring out the correct dimensions and make sure that your mother has something lovely to look after. After building your mother her vertical garden, you can even buy additions for it in order to maintain and improve the already existing ones. This Mother’s Day, help her set up a few vertical garden frames, planters, and beautiful, natural feature walls for her herbs and flowers.



Plant a Vegetable Patch

Plant a Vegetable Patch

Everyone that has tried home-grown vegetables probably knows that they are miles better than the ones you can buy from grocery stores. It can be very rewarding for your mom to know that the fresh vegetables on her plate are products of your hard work together.

Get your hands dirty this Mother’s Day and do a joint gardening venture together. Help your mother plant out her vegetable patch with your gardening tools. You can even start a new vegetable garden from scratch together if you want to rotate out your crops.



Make It Easier to Water Plants

One of the best gifts you can give your mom for Mother’s Day is your time by installing an irrigation system. These watering systems for her plants and garden can be easily installed and are often set-and-forget.

You have the option of installing a simple tap timer or even a fully automated irrigation system that does all the work for you. These can save your mom a lot of time and can give her the peace of mind that all of her plants are getting all the water they need.


Lay Out Some Paving for the Garden

Lay Out Some Paving for the Garden

Laying out a new paving can make a large difference in the garden of your mother. By laying out some paving, you can help her create a new pathway through to define a space for entertaining.

A garden with paved edges can help keep weeds away from your mother’s precious plants and also help make the whole thing look neat. You have a wide range of material choices when it comes to paving, from recycled brick to natural stone to concrete pavers.



Install Some Outdoor Lighting

You can bring some life to the backyard or garden of your mother by installing some outdoor lighting in different and creative ways. Light up trees, statues, and pathways with spotlights and amaze your mother and your guests at the next social function.

For matters of safety and practicality, you can install security lights to give her some visibility every time she walks to the front door. Remember though, you might need to get the help of an electrician if you plan on doing any electrical work in your home.

You even have plenty of DIY lighting choices available to you. There is a wide range of solar lights you can choose from to give a little magic to your garden or wrap her favorite tree with fairy lights.



Key Takeaway

Often, people who enjoy gardening almost always attribute it to the pleasant memories they made with their mother or grandmother. Some of you might even be fortunate enough to have experienced helping your mother pull weeds or trim the leaves from the trees.

This Mother’s Day, consider sharing your love of gardening with the person who supported and encouraged your interest in gardening. Spend some time with your family, not just your mother, and celebrate her day with some gardening.

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