5 Electrical Tools and Equipment Everyone Should Have

What are the essential power tools that are used in most DIY projects?

  1. Air Compressor and Nail Gun
  2. Cordless Drill
  3. Circular Saw
  4. Paint Sprayer
  5. Oscillating Multi-Tool


Electrical tools and equipment in the Philippines are standard amenities that should be stored and ready for use in any household. Besides repairs and standard maintenance procedures, the ability to construct different handy products is a skill that can take you a long way.

Getting into DIY or do-it-yourself projects is a fun hobby that can teach you to work well with your hands and ultimately feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from building something out of scratch. If you have already ventured into the wonderful world of DIY projects and repairs, then you are most likely aware of that there are certain types of tools that serve as fundamental equipment.

If you are new and just getting into DIY hardware, below is an overview of the 5 crucial electrical tools and equipment that any DIY’er should be very well acquainted with:


Air Compressor and Nail Gun

air compressor and nail gun

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When it comes to crown-molding, framing out doorways with nails and a hammer, or installing baseboards, an air compressor along with a nail gun would be the most optimal power tools for getting the job done in a more uniform and faster rate. Nail guns or staple guns are also best used when tackling projects with an upholstery aspect to them. It is best to go with an air compressor and nail gun package that covers the general nail types and sizes that you will be using them for.


Cordless Drill

cordless drill

The cordless drill is arguably one of the most important pieces of power tool equipment because, without it, you would be spending hours punching minuscule holes through walls and screaming in frustration while attempting to tighten dainty screws. There’s even a saying that there is no such thing as a true modern handyman if he or she is not equipped with a cordless power drill.

Cordless drills may cost more than drills with a cord, but the ease and convenience that comes with a cordless one is definitely worth it. Not to mention that it can be a pesky hazard to have a cord getting in the way while you are in the middle of a drilling project that needs utmost precision.


Circular Saw

circular saw

Many common DIY projects require that you make quick work of cutting through tough materials and sheets. Cutting through something simple like wood would take a significantly longer period if you used a handsaw. Utilizing a circular saw would enable you to cut through an even thicker piece of wood in less than two minutes as opposed to the several it would take if you used a simple hand saw.

It is important to keep in mind that circular saws can cut through human flesh and bone just as easily as construction material. So, it is imperative that you exercise utmost caution with the proper safety measures when using this particular power tool.


Paint Sprayer


Paint sprayers can indeed be quite the expensive and unnecessary tool to have on you. But on the contrary, it would actually make for a smart investment, DIY projects of both large-scale and small-scale often require even and well-executed paint jobs. Whether you are painting furniture, cabinets, or little knick-knacks, there are many available paint sprayers that won’t require you to constantly stop and refill.

For more large-scale projects, it is wise if you utilize a paint sprayer that can be hooked up to an air compressor for more high-powered paint mists. Paint sprayers are also equipped to handle the different types of paint such as oil-based primer, latex paint, and even water-based polyurethane.


Oscillating Multi-Tool


In this modern day and age, products like an oscillating multi-tool certainly take the rugged and gritty aspects away from DIY hardware, but they ultimately offer high-levels of efficiency and convenience. This power tool is an all-in-one type package that comes with attachments ready for projects that call for detail sanding, grout removal, grinding, scraping, wood cutting, etc.

One of the amazing aspects of this multi-purpose tool is that it functions in oscillation just enough that dust clouds do not accumulate; making it perfect for storage and easy in maintenance. Similar to drills, this tool comes in either a corded or cordless variation. Again, for safety and convenience purposes, it would be objectively more ideal to go with the cordless type.


Key Takeaway

Electrical Tools and equipment may tend to get very technical, but with the right research and guidance, these tools can open new dimensions of possibility when it comes to how much you can save on repairs. DIY projects may come in all sorts of shapes and specifications in any procedure but getting acquainted with the basic essentials is a good start when it comes to understanding the fundamentals of working with hardware.

Get started by having a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve, and shop for power tools accordingly. Because with the right power tools, you’d be saving time and money while at the same time, boosting both efficiency and effectivity.

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