5 Different Ways to Get Rid of Weeds

5 Different Ways to Get Rid of Weeds

What are the different ways to get rid of weeds?

  1. Pulling them out
  2. Using salt
  3. Using boiling water
  4. Burning them
  5. Using household items (i.e. vinegar, newspapers, soap)


Having a garden of your own is one of the most satisfying things to be felt in one’s lifetime. Not only is it a great addition to your home’s aesthetics, but it’s a great way of staying close to nature. With the right gardening tools in your gear, maintaining and caring for your garden should be a piece of cake.

Another great thing about having a garden of your own is that you can arrange it as much as you want. Depending on what plants are included, arrangement is key to every stunning aspect; however, there are and will be moments where imperfections with your garden will come to light, most notably the presence of weeds.

While weeds may have their fair share of benefits to the ecology, their presence in your garden can sometimes prove to be a nuisance, especially when it comes to taking them out. With them in your garden, not only will they be a detriment to your plants, but they can also pose a health risk due to something called allelopathy – the production of biochemical substances from weeds.

With that said, it’s important that they be taken out immediately. If you’re wondering how it can be done, here are some ways that can help you out:


Pull them out

This is one of the most common ways of getting rid of weeds. Whenever you’re outside and wishing to get a good arm-workout, go ahead and start pulling them out. This will definitely make your garden more pleasing to the eyes.


Use Salt

Use Salt

Salt is one of those things that can be used in a variety of ways, especially outside of the kitchen. Using this ingredient for gardening purposes not only gets rid of pests or fertilizes the ground, but it also makes pulling out weeds much easier. Just sprinkle some on to of the weeds and then simply pull them out.

When it comes to this, however, be sure to be careful in putting salt on weeds as too much of it can leave soil barren and even damage concrete.


Use Boiling Water

Water is a necessity when it comes to plant maintenance and care. But when it comes to weeds, you may want to use water of a different temperature. Hence, the use of boiling water enters the spotlight.

Boiling water is often used for other household chores, such as cooking. However, what many don’t realize is that when used on weeds, it can help decrease the number of them in the garden.

The best way to handle the problem using this step is to ensure that the water you’re using is still boiling to the point of being scalding hot. That way, it can reach down to the roots.


Burn them

Burn them

Besides using boiling water, burning them is just as effective. Not only does it ensure total annihilation for the weeds, but it also decreases the likelihood of them growing in your garden again. Just be sure not to go overboard with this step. The last thing you need is a wildfire spreading in your own lawn.


Using Various Household Items

While pulling out weeds may be effective, not many people are willing to put in that much effort. Also, if you wish to save some cash with this task, why not try using some items from your home? Not only does it show your ingenuity, but some of them may actually surprise you.

For instance, the use of vinegar in handling weed is one of the most effective ways in getting rid of them. The 5% acid in vinegar is lethal enough for weeds, especially young ones. Plus, all you’ll need to do for this is spray it on your weeds and wait for the effect to take over.

Another household item you can use in your weed-exterminating needs is your good old-fashioned newspaper. Besides delivering all the latest news and current updates, it can definitely do a fair amount of damage to your weeds. Simply wet the newspapers and layer at least 10 pages atop the weeds; and then, sprinkle some mulch to cover it up. This prevents any weed from sprouting as the newspapers block out the sunlight, which can suffocate any weed that’s already sprouted.

You can also never go wrong with a handy bottle of dish soap. In fact, you can mix soap with some vinegar to spray on the weeds for better results.


Key Takeaway

Any form of infestations and imperfections should not be welcomed in your garden, a place where your beloved plants and fauna can grow, bloom, and flourish. By following these tricks, you’ll be able to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to handle anything in your garden.

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