Power Tools Philippines: Care and Repair Tips for Various Tools

Power Tools Philippines: Care and Repair Tips for Various Tools

How can you make your power tools last longer?


  1. Read and follow the manual
  2. Handle the batteries properly
  3. Store the tools in a dry place
  4. Immediately clean the tools after use
  5. Regularly schedule a deep cleanse of the tools
  6. Always check for any damages
  7. Lubricate the moving parts
  8. Tighten up the loose screws and fastenings
  9. Do not let the motor overheat





People who have a penchant for building, tinkering or repairing household items often dream of having their own power tools from the Philippines.

Power tools such as a Hammer Drill, stud sensors, rotary tool, and a rotating multi-tool are a must have for every builder.  

But, the thing about these tools is that these do not come cheap. Well, the quality and the durability are worth shelling out a few extra cash especially if it will last for years (or even decades).

In order to maximize the cost of these power tools from the Philippines, the proper handling and care must be practiced to ensure that these tools will really last a lifetime. 

If you want to know how to properly care for your precious power tools, then read on and just follow these guidelines.


Keep and Follow the Manual

Even though most builders would already know how to utilize the common tools like a drill or a circular saw, it is still more advisable to read the manual. Never assume, as they say! Carefully reading the manual for each product so would ensure that you know the proper handling of the equipment.

Do take note that this is not just to ensure that the tool won’t be damaged accidentally, but also for the safety of the handler.


Handle the Batteries Properly

Some power tools in the Philippines are cordless or battery-powered. Just like the main body, the batteries need to be maintained well. It is important that the batteries are not left idle and unused for several weeks. Use it at least once a week to ensure that it still works efficiently.

When storing the batteries, make sure that space is clean, dry and far away from extreme heat.


Store in a Dry Place

Various kinds of gardening tools, cleaning tools, and especially the bulky power tools are often stored in the garage or basement.  Since such rooms in the house do not have a heating or air-conditioning system installed, the tools are then exposed to humidity.

Store power tools inside the original packaging, off the ground and away from leaks so the tools are secure not just from humidity, but from the various elements as well.


Clean after Every Use

One safety tip that tool owners must follow is to unplug the equipment before cleaningThe manner of cleaning the tools after each use does not have to be a deep cleanse, a simple wiping the specks of dust off with a rag will do.

This is essential since dust and grime can easily build up in some of the parts which could hinder with the proper functioning of the tool.


Deep Cleanse Periodically

Since power tools have electrical parts and vents, there may be build up of dust in those hard-to-reach areas. Wipe those areas with Q-tips that are lightly oiled from time to time.

For an even more thorough cleaning, an air compressor can remove the small particles that are stuck inside the equipment.   


Regularly Inspect for Damage

Power cords must always be checked because any faulty insulation or exposed wirings can cause an electric shock or even start a fire. If the power cords are damaged, immediately have it replaced or repaired by a professional. 

Another part to check is the prongs of the cord. Replace it with a new one or have it repaired if it appears to be bent or loose. Other common parts that need replacements more often are the carbon brushes which conducts the electricity through the motor.

For tools with drive belts, make sure to check if these are not yet in need of replacement.  

Always inspect for any possible damage and parts that needs replacement. Doing so will lengthen the life of the equipment and also prevent any accidents from happening during use.


Lubricate the Mobile Parts

This tip provides a dual purpose; first, the lubricant will ensure the optimum performance of the equipment since the mobile elements are moving smoothly. Second, the possible development of rust is prevented by the lubricant. For a smoother operation and to prevent rust formation, always lubricate the moving parts of the tools.


Tighten up Loose Parts

Power tools have plenty of screws and fastenings to hold the equipment together. Before using an equipment check the body to see if all the screws are on tight.

Doing so will ensure that there won’t be any tool parts that might collapse while the equipment is turned on. 


Do Not Let the Motor Overheat

There are two reasons for an equipment’s overheating. One is that the motor may be exerting too much effort due to the material that is difficult to get through. Make sure you’re using the appropriate tool to prevent this and other possible risks. The second reason could be due to a long working run without any breaks. To avoid any damage to the motor, turn off the equipment for a few minutes before it even starts to overheat.


Key Takeaway

Despite the durability of power tools, regular care is still essential to ensure that they properly function. Before anything else, it is essential to read the manual to learn the specifications and the proper handling of the equipmentThese are the different ways to ensure that your tools will last for years.


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