Power Tools in the Philippines that Every DIYer Should Own

Power Tools in the Philippines that Every DIYer Should Own

What power tools should every DIYer own?

  1. Cordless drill
  2. Miter saw
  3. Jigsaw
  4. Nail gun
  5. Rotary sander



DIYers in the Philippines use power tools and recycled materials to make the most unique, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and high-quality products. Items that non-DIY people usually buy at malls for more than a couple thousand bucks, they make on their own backyard or workspace. They literally turn trash into treasure and all for a cost that’s almost close to nothing.

Materials are often obtained for free as they can repurpose everything. The only things they need to purchase are nails, screws, wires, paint, and the like—all of which priced at a few hundreds. They have ways to skimp out on tools, too. Instead of buying their own, they either buy second-hand, rent or borrow them from someone they know and trust. A lot prefer to borrow from friends, particularly those who don’t often do DIY projects.

Buying second-hand tools, renting them or borrowing from peers certainly is a great way to save costs, but at some point, you will have to buy your own. Of course, you won’t have to get every power tool there is as that would just be a huge waste of money. What you can do, instead, is get ahold of these essential power tools that every DIYer should own.



Cordless Drill

Many believe that a cordless drill is the most important power tool to have and we have to agree. A cordless drill is the most versatile, time-saving, and useful tool in every workshop. It is a necessity for everyone including homeowners and renters because it can be used in a number of ways.

Cordless drills have removable end-bits that can be replaced with different adapters. So in getting a cordless drill, not only do you get a power tool to help you drill holes on brick and concrete walls, you also get other tools such as a screwdriver, steel-brush paint remove, and hole saw.



Miter Saw

Miter Saw

Speaking of saws, we have two on the list with the first one being the miter saw. People often debate on what power tool is the most necessary. As previously mentioned, many choose to side with the cordless drill, but there are also those that think a miter saw is more important.

It is used to cut pieces of lumber and other materials; it can also be used to make precise crosscuts and angle—or miter—cuts, hence the name. If you’re more of a woodworker than anything else, then this definitely should be your first power tool purchase.




The one negative thing about the miter saw is that it cannot do anything but straight cuts. While it’s useful for shortening pieces of wood and creating sharp edges, it’s useless for more creative and intricate shapes, and this is where the jigsaw comes in.

A jigsaw may be slower and less powerful than the miter saw but it is one of the few tools that can help DIYers cut curves and shapes. So if you enjoy projects that require very fine-detail cutting, then it is necessary that you get a good-quality jigsaw to get the job done.



Nail Gun

Nail Gun

It is completely possible to complete a DIY project by using hammer and nails in place of a nail gun but it will take a significantly longer amount of time. You will also grow tired of pounding nails into hard and seemingly impenetrable surfaces sooner rather than later. For those that are pressed with time, it’s really not the most practical choice, so they start to invest in nail guns.

These nail guns help them get the job done at a much quicker pace—sometimes a hundred times faster than. They can be used to secure materials together or attach items to walls without a problem. Although there are models that require you to carry cumbersome air compressors, there are also cordless models that will make the job much easier.



Rotary Sander

One of the most tiring processes in DIY projects is sanding. No matter how experienced you are, your arm is guaranteed to go sore trying to polish and smooth out rugged surfaces, which is why we recommend that DIYers get a rotary sander for their workshop.

It doesn’t have to be one of the big ones; a lightweight one that has replaceable sanding pads should be enough to support you in all your projects. Smaller sanders are also preferable because they don’t easily gouge the surface of the material you’re working with, meaning you have more room for error than if you’re using, say, a belt sander.



Key Takeaway

Power tools in the Philippines are a necessity for every DIYer. It’s not enough to rent and borrow them all the time especially if you’re one who takes on multiple projects each month. At some point, you will have to get your own.

They may be expensive at first, but you’ll find that investing in these power tools is worth it. Not only will you have tools available for use 24/7, you also won’t have to worry about ruining someone else’s items.

You won’t even have to get all of them at once. If you’re simply starting out, you can start with the five power tools listed above. All of them are considered necessities and can help you finish any DIY project.

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