Power Tools Philippines: Easy Garage-to-Workshop Transformation

How to transform the garage into a workshop?

  1. Declutter and clean
  2. Install more lighting fixtures
  3. Set up the workbench
  4. Provide more storage
  5. Install more power outlets


The garage is the best room in the house to build a home-based workshop. Having your very own workstation at home is very convenient and cost-effective since travel expenses and monthly rent for space will no longer be needed. Initially, the room’s layout should also be considered especially the area of storage for the various power tools from the Philippines.

Despite the convenience of a workshop at home, converting the garage into a fully functioning workshop can be laborious and overwhelming. Luckily, here are some easy tips that you could follow in order su ccessfully transform your garage into a fully equipped and operating workshop.


Declutter and Clean

For big transformation projects like this, it’s common to be overwhelmed and not know where to start. One great task to prioritize is the cleaning of the area. Doing so will let you know of the items you have that could still be of use. In relation to this, a full inventory of your current equipment can help determine what other needed tools are lacking.

On the other hand, the items that have no more purpose can be donated or repurposed. Another option is to sell several items for some extra cash that you can use to buy more necessary power tools from the Philippines. Getting rid of a number of items can clear up space for storage space or even for a workbench.


Set Up Better Lighting Fixtures

In order to properly accomplish a task in a workshop, adequate lighting is needed for a better visual. LED tube lights are the best option for such a space because not only does it provide more light, it is also more cost-effective. Compared to the regular lighting fixtures, LED lights has energy saving features. The placement of the lighting fixtures must be even throughout the ceiling because doing so will maximize the space the light can cover.

Aside from the overall lighting of the room, a lighting fixture is also needed by the workbench for accomplishing tasks especially for projects with intricate elements. For the lighting in the workbench area, an adjustable work lamp is ideal since it can provide a focused lighting.


Set Up a Workbench

There are plenty of workbenches sold in the market, but you can always construct your own. The most important characteristic of a workbench is its durability to withstand the rigorous pounding and also support the weight of the materials to be used. It is essential that both the base and the legs of the desk are sturdy and secure enough that it won’t be knocked over effortlessly. The top portion must not be easily scratched or dented despite the heavy work done on it.

If possible, a small storage for easy access to the tools used for a particular project. Make sure to position the desk near an electric outlet, this will be very handy when using the power tools from the Philippines. Doing so could prevent the floor from being cluttered with wires from the equipment and extension cords which could pose a possible hazard.

Workbenches are often space consuming, if you have limited area to allot for a desk, there are various designs of a fold-down type of workbench. This may not provide any desk storage but it does provide more floor space. You can also DIY organizational hacks for workbenches.


Provide Adequate Storage

With the wide variety of tools you need such power tools from the Philippines, proper storage is necessary to lengthen the lifespan of the tools. You have to admit, power tools don’t come cheap – at least, not the good-quality ones. A multi-layered tool chest can neatly store your tools in just one area or corner. The contents tend to roll over due to its drawer system, this can be prevented by installing drawer mats underneath. Drawer mats can also function as a support cushion for the tools.

Maximize the vertical space available by installing several pegboards on the walls. This storage method is ideal for tools that are often used and needs to be within arms-reach. Always keep in mind that the method of storing the tools, especially the power tools form the Philippines is a crucial factor that affects the lifespan of the tools.


Install Power Outlets

Power tools in the Philippines are either battery-operated or need to be plugged in. Either way, both method requires an electrical outlet. If there are not enough power outlets in the workshop, a wire-covered floor is sure to be a common scenario. Such situation is highly hazardous due to the possibility of tripping down around dangerous power tools from the Philippines. Also, plugging several equipment into a single power strip at the same time could cause a fire. When it comes to electrical outlets, it is safer to use more than one outlet as your power source.


Key Takeaway

Those are the guidelines you can follow if you decide to transform your garage into a fully-functioning workshop. Don’t forget to exercise caution when handling the different tools and installing the needed equipment and fixtures.

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