Power Tools Philippines: 4 Surprising Uses for a Pressure Washer

Power Tools Philippines: 4 Surprising Uses for a Pressure Washer

What are some surprising uses for a pressure washer?

  1. Remove paint
  2. Stress test materials
  3. Cut materials and drill holes
  4. Unclog pipes and gutters


There are a lot of interesting but rarely used or rarely seen power tools in the Philippines, one of which is the pressure washer. If you’ve heard anything about power washers, then you’re likely familiar with pressure washers too because they’re one and the same. There are a lot of clips with people using pressure washers on social media and video streaming sites but very few have witnessed their true power in real life.

In case you didn’t know, a pressure washer is a power tool that makes use of a high-pressure water spray in order to wash objects. Based on this description alone, it’s easy to assume that they aren’t capable of doing anything else besides getting things cleaned (which isn’t something to be looked down upon, by the way). Pressure washers can turn even the grimiest and filthiest surface as pristine looking as it did when it was brand new. It can remove years-worth of dirt that have seeped into sidewalks and brick foundations as well as clean your car without damaging the paint.

We, however, digress. We aren’t going to focus on the amazing and almost miraculous cleaning abilities of pressure washers because that’s not the only thing they’re capable of. Additionally, their power to clean have already been highlighted and made apparent by the many videos spreading online. You can get a lot more things done using these pieces of equipment including the following:


Remove Paint

There are times when you want a surface to look squeaky clean while still retaining its original paint job; the pressure washer can do that. However, it can also be used beyond that and actually strip the surface of any kind of paint.
While removing paint can be likened to getting something clean, they are completely different. A lot more power is necessary to accomplish the latter and that’s not something you can get from all power washers. Additionally, this works best for paint jobs that are starting to peel from the surface.

Repainting a wall stripped of paint is much better than just covering it up with another coat because then you can make sure that the paint job will look perfect and stay on. The reason behind this is that plain walls make a much better and secure base that the paint can latch onto.


Stress Test Materials

Stress Test Materials

Building materials and installation projects have to be able to withstand severe weather conditions. Otherwise, there’d be no point in using them or completing the project. To gauge a material or structure’s ability to do so, builders like to use pressure washers to conduct stress testing.

Roofers, in particular, are known for doing this to their brand-new roof installation projects. It allows them to test whether their work can put up resistance against inevitable weather conditions such as heavy rains and typhoons. If the results are satisfactory, then it’s sure to please their clients. If not, then it’s back to the drawing boards for them.
One thing you have to know, though, is to avoid doing this by yourself, especially if you don’t have any expertise. Applying too much pressure to any part of your home may result in damage because they’re powerful enough to punch sizeable holes in most materials.


Cut Materials and Drill Holes

When materials need to be cut and absolute precision is required, a pressure washer is the ideal power tool to have. It can offer levels of precision that most normal hand tools and some power tools cannot. Moreover, it’s one of the better and cleaner ways to get the job done because there is no need to deal with cumbersome blades and the noisy equipment.

Aside from cutting, you can also use a power washer to create holes that are of the exact size and depth. While you can argue that a drill can do this perfectly, there are some instances when even a drill won’t be able to give you what you want. These instances include times when you need finer and smaller holes that drill bits can’t go down to.
Same as above, exercise caution when doing these things. You may cause great harm to yourself and others around you if you aren’t careful with the job.


Unclog Pipes and Gutters

Unclog Pipes and Gutters

Another great use for a pressure washer is to unclog pipes and gutters that are blocked by moss, leaves, grease, and other types of build-up. One quick blast from a pressure washer should be enough to keep them clear and allow proper water flow.

Keep in mind that this isn’t limited to gutters on the sidewalk but also extend to rain gutters or downspouts on your roof. Rather than removing each and every piece of leaf, branch, and debris that are clogging up the pipes by hand, you can use a pressure washer to flush them all away.

If you’re not sure about this particular job and want to keep your roof pipes unclogged but in one piece, then you can ask professionals to do the task for you.


Key Takeaway

Among the many power tools in the Philippines, the pressure washer is one that is worth every penny. Sure, prices can get pretty steep, but that is justified by the usefulness and versatility of the tool. The pressure washer’s cleaning ability alone actually makes up for the cost, and you can treat the other uses mentioned here as mere bonuses.

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