Nifty Organization Ideas for a Workbench

Power Tools Philippines: 9 Nifty Organization Ideas for a Workbench

How can you organize a workbench?

  1. Clean the area
  2. Install slat walls or pegboards
  3. Use binder clips
  4. Suspend jar containers under a shelf
  5. Repurpose plastic bottles
  6. Labels containers
  7. Repurpose the cores of tissue papers
  8. Use magnets
  9. Use PVC pipes  


There are plenty of power tools in the Philippines that every builder or tinker should have. Supplies include the big and bulky equipment and even down to the small nuts, bolts, and screws.

The only downside to having an extensive collection of equipment is keeping all of the small and big pieces organized. The massive equipment tends to take over the majority of the area’s space while the small bits and bobs tend to be scattered all over the area.

To help out in organizing the various materials and tools used in building, here are some effective organizing tips. When building structures of any sort, a clean workspace can help with efficiency since it is easier to locate needed materials and the time is maximized.


Clean the Area

This may not be an organizing hack, but it is the initial step that is exteremely essential in organizing any space. With all of the numerous tools and materials used for building, a cleaning session not just of the area but also of the tools themselves will provide an overview regarding the inventory of all the supplies. Knowing the tools to be stored and organized will also help in strategizing the possible appearance of the workspace.

Install Slat Walls and Peg Boards

Install slat walls and peg boards to maximize vertical space and display frequently used tools. The various holes of a pegboard and a slat wall give the builder infinite options in organizing the different equipment. Different hooks and even shelves can be attached and taken off easily, especially power tools from the Philippines that were designed with this in mind. This clears up floor area that can either be used as an additional storage space or work area.

Use Binder Clips

Saw blades can be difficult to store due to its potential hazard. An effective method of storage is by coiling it inside a metal binder clip and hanging the clip on a hook that is attached to a pegboard.

Hanging Jar Organizers

The space on top of shelves are not the only storage option, but also under. By screwing the lids of jars underneath the shelf, the jars are then suspended in the air when it is sealed with the lid.

Reuse Plastic Bottles

Keep similar plastic bottles and reuse them as containers for small items to provide a cheap and uniform storage method. Containers with the same size and shape provide better storage efficiency as opposed to using dissimilarly shaped containers. The bottles could be from emptied carbonated drinks or even milk.

Label the Containers

Labeling containers efficiemtly reduces the construction time since there won’t be any moments wasted in trying to find the necessary toolsFor small screws and bolts, you can use one piece as a sample and tape it at the front or top of the container.

Reuse Tissue Cartons

Don’t throw away the core of tissue rolls as those provide an efficient way of organizing cords. Due to the long length of several cords, a deep drawer (or even just a deep box) is an ideal storage. Align the tube cartons vertically and insert the neatly coiled small cords inside of each tube. This keeps them from being tangled!

Use Magnets

Since plenty of construction tools are made of metal, using a magnet to keep them in place is an effective storage idea. Not only can this method maximize wall and cabinet door space, it can also provide a better visual of all the supplies.

Use PVC Pipes

PVC pipes can be used to store a wide array of items. In storing long tools like shovels, screw a short length of a PVC pipe on a wood that is fastened to a wall. Do this for the bottom and almost mid part of the handles to support the tools while standing up.  


Key Takeaway

There are numerous ways to organize a workbench, and these are only a few! But remember, no matter how organized you make it, the only way to maintain order is by immediately returning used items to its proper storage after use.   

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