4 Reasons Why Millennials Love Gardening and Buying Gardening Tools

4 Reasons Why Millennials Love Gardening and Buying Gardening Tools

What are the best reasons why Millennials love gardening and buying gardening tools?

  1. Gardening helps them save money
  2. They can practice gardening almost anywhere
  3. Gardening brings people together
  4. Gardening is great for aesthetics


Gardening in the Philippines is a favorite pastime for many Filipinos, especially with the wide array of gardening tools for one’s choosing. There’s just something about it that really gives it the flair that everyone loves, particularly the aesthetic to be gained from simply arranging flowers on your flower bed, watering the plants on a regular basis, or even trimming the lawn for a smoother walk on the grass. In short, you can think of gardening as something like building your own mini nature sanctuary; and with the Philippines being a gardening haven for many, it’s definitely enticing to pick up some gardening tools and start your very own little greenhouse!

If there’s anyone who loves gardening more than anyone, it would be none other than the Millennials! Gardening is something for all ages; and with Millennials being in tune with nature, it’s safe to say that the numerous gardening tools are at their disposal for their passion. With their countless projects in mind and bouts of creativity with nature, here are some of the best reasons as to why Millennials love gardening:

It helps them save money

It helps them save money

One of the most notable things people do for food is to go to the supermarket and buy the food they need, as well as other necessities. Nowadays, Millennials are all about saving their income and investing into something of their choosing; and through gardening they are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising their budget.

When it comes to gardening and finances, there’s nothing like actually growing your own food for your own sustenance. Many fruits and vegetables, as well as spices and herbs can be grown in your very own backyard. All it would have to entail is the knowledge of proper seeds to sow, the right season for the food to grow, and the right remedies to use when growing them. This information can easily be found on smartphones via the internet.


Gardening can be done almost anywhere

Gardens are pretty much everywhere, especially in the Philippines. In fact, if you take walks around parks and anywhere outdoors, you can see all sorts of gardens around each and every corner of your surroundings. This also definitely applies to those who wish to grow their own garden, which in turn gives any garden a sense of portability.

With that said, every place you can go to can become a garden. As long you know where to grow it, what places plants grows best, and how to grow them, you’ll be set for a long time. Just be sure to check if there are any ordinances that will forbid you to do so, but if that’s the case, then perhaps it would be best to contain your hobby in your own garden.


Gardening is more than a chore

For many Millennials nowadays, what they do isn’t just for fun or for leisure, it’s a lifestyle; and with gardening in the mix, it’s safe to say that Millennials devote their passion into it.

Here’s why: for one, gardening promotes a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle since it involves growing their own food. Second, it is something to really conceptualize about since art can take on any form, especially in plant life and various fauna. Lastly, gardening can bring a lot of people closer to one another as there are numerous variations of gardening that people can collaborate with one another. No matter how one would perceive gardening, there is no doubt that anything can be handled with a little help from one another.

Gardens can make great backdrops for pictures

Gardens can make great backdrops for pictures

If there’s one thing that Millennials are known for, it would be none other than their eye for various aesthetics. Gardens are one of the most serene surroundings known to man; and with a garden as your backdrop, all you’ll need to do is strike a pose and smile!

Besides being a great backdrop for photographs, gardens can also make great settings for any film to be shot in. If you wish to go with this reason for your practice, why not grow a garden yourself? You’d be amazed at how much you can contribute to your masterpiece.


Key Takeaway

There is a lot more to consider with gardening, as well as the tools that go along with it. With the younger generation taking up this hobby, living in the 21st century has never been so greener!

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