10 Recommended Gardening Tools in the Philippines for Beginners

What are the gardening tools for beginners?

  1. Gloves
  2. Hand trowel
  3. Hori-hori
  4. Spade
  5. Rake
  6. Hoe
  7. Shears
  8. Hose
  9. Loppers
  10. Wheelbarrow


So you’ve finally decided to spend more time in your precious garden!

Gardening can be a daunting endeavor for beginners. Aside from being befuddled by multitudes of plants, flowers, and seedlings that you don’t know how to take care of, you’re also introduced to something else: gardening tools.

And so you visit a store in the Philippines that has gardening tools, only to be overwhelmed by tons of items that you don’t have a name for, nor have the slightest notion how to use.

If that’s your worry, then this post will help you be more enlightened regarding this whole gardening business.

Below are the 10 gardening tools you’re likely to use as a beginner



Take it from experts: though they don’t really seem necessary, they’re vital if you want to do your gardening right. Invest in the appropriate pair of gloves not only to keep your hands clean, but also to protect them from thorns, splinters, and bugs. This simple investment is going to ensure that the only trip you take to your skin care service provider is purely for pleasure, and not because you ran into trouble!

Invest in a durable pair of gloves, one the can endure a great amount of wear and tear. Store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight after every use.

Hand Trowel

Trowels are very versatile. They can be used for planting seeds, for digging around corners, and for extracting weeds.

If you can, opt for trowels that are fashioned from stainless steel, or trowels with a stainless steel head. This guarantees that your trowel will last you a long time.

Japanese gardener’s knife (or hori-hori)

Image from Truly Garden

This is a usual favorite among professional gardeners because they serve a lot of purpose and they perform their job well.

In fact, it’s often branded as the Swiss army knife of the garden—that’s how versatile it is! So make sure to visit some store in the Philippines that has gardening tools and grab this at once.

You can use a hori-hori instead of a trowel, such as in digging, planting bulbs, and pulling out weeds.

It also has a saw blade that can slice through roots or divide perennials.



Spades are short-handled shovels, and they’re incredibly useful for digging holes, and for transporting mounds of dirt or soil from one place to another.

To ensure longevity, invest in pricier spades—one with a stainless steel head and a durable fiberglass handle. The costly price might put you off at first, but think of it as an investment that will always stick around with you!


Rakes are in charge of keeping your garden spick and span. They help in whisking away the leaves and debris on the ground.



There are different types of hoes available, and you should get one that fully matches your gardening needs.

If you primarily plant vegetables, then you need a durable, wide hoe. If you have perennial or flower gardens, then you’ll need to be extra delicate and careful, which calls for a much thinner hoe.


Pruning Shears

You’re not a gardener without a pair of shears!

Pruning shears are for cutting through tiny branches up to two centimeters thick. If you grow plants that require more delicate work (such as perennials), or plants with soft stems (such as herbs), then you might want to opt for a pair of gardening scissors too for those snipping tasks.



Your garden, of course, desperately needs water. It’s basically your plants’ life source. A hose with an adjustable nozzle is a fantastic choice as it allows you to control the water pressure.


Loppers are basically a type of scissors that snip trees or shrubs, or anything that needs to be cup. Loppers help you prune branches up to a 2-inch diameter. They’re handy for those instances when you need to cut a wayward branch here or there.



Do you have a lot of soil at your disposal? Do you use compost? Or are you hell-bent on this gardening endeavor and intend to grow your garden from scratch? If you answer affirmative to any of these questions, then you might need a wheelbarrow in your arsenal. Wheelbarrows are extremely handy as they make it easier to haul and transport items weighing hundreds of pounds!


Key Takeaway

Before you head on to a store in the Philippines that has gardening tools, it’s essential that you first become acquainted with the most important items that you’ll need to aid you in your new endeavor. Don’t forget to read up on how to maintain gardening tools as well!


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