Why it is Almost Always Better to Splurge on Power Tools

Why is it almost always better to splurge on power tools?

  1. They are the better option
  2. They are made from higher-quality materials
  3. They have better efficiency
  4. They showcase improved safety

An ancient Persian proverb tells us that “we are not rich enough to buy cheap things”. Those of us that are not wealthy have to budget the amount of money we spend on power tools in the Philippines. In doing so, you have to balance how much a tool costs, what you need it to do, and how good its quality is.

Measuring tools and other kinds of tools that are cheaply made will not function well or break easy, costing you more in the long-run than a tool that costs more up-front but lasts longer. It is easy to fall into the assumption, however, that you should only be buying the most expensive power tools money can buy. While there might be a person to whom that expensive tool is worth every penny, chances are, you are not that person.

Before buying your power tools, consider how often you are going to use that tool and find one that provides good value. Some people might spend more on hand tools because higher quality ones will last longer and the technology will most likely not change. For power tools, however, it might be more complicated. Some might see the value in renting on buying used, but with these particular options, you can see why it’s better to go all-out with power tools!

They are the Better Option

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One of the best reasons to invest in power tools in the Philippines is that you can be sure that you are getting the better option. A cheap and an expensive tool might look alike, use the same kind of parts, and even perform alike initially, but upon closer examination, you are going to find a big difference between these seemingly similar options.

A good tool invented by a reputable company will already have been perfected. It may be used and abused in harsh conditions but no matter what you do, you will probably not break this tool. The cheaper tool lacks this refinement and may even use cheaper components. When it comes to these tools, chances are it is one bad jam away from being unusable, or worse, even causing injury.

Good power tools are designed for the serious user and are designed for the long run. The companies that manufacture these tools stay on top of a competitive industry to provide you with only the best.

They are Made from Higher-Quality Materials

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Good power tool companies use higher-quality materials in their tools and spend millions of dollars every year on research and development. These measuring tools are built lighter and stronger because of the material they use.

These companies search for optimal materials in their tools, and one of the materials they have determined contributes to quality is steel. One way for a manufacturer to keep cost down is to buy cheaper stainless steel. They can still technically present the item as made from stainless steel, but lower-quality steel can still be prone to corrosion.

Cheaper tools might also look the same as expensive ones on the outside, but the ones made from low-quality steel is going to be more fragile.

They Have Better Efficiency

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A power tool that is better designed and made with better materials is more efficient. Efficiency is one of the most important reasons for choosing to spend more on power tools because it can transfer more power from the source to the output.

If you compare a name brand power tool to a no-name one, you might find that while they both have the same amperage and voltage, only one of them can transfer the energy better.

A tool that transfers even just 79 percent of its power is far inferior to a tool that transfers 93 percent. Most power tool manufacturers never state the efficiency of transition between input and output but studies have shown that the better material and design makes this transfer more efficient.

They Guarantee Improved Safety

Most of the cheaper power tools you can find in the market are made in foreign countries. It would be safe to assume that these tools were not made up to the standards of Western countries. The countries that manufacture these kinds of tools simply don’t have the technology or the machines capable of producing quality tools.

Because these countries might not also even have regulatory laws, (or if they do, they do not enforce them) they tend to cut corners. The tools might not have been designed or manufactured properly causing potential injuries.

Safety is the most important thing to consider when operating a power tool. The extra money you save is not worth risking injury or death over. This might not seem important to you right now but remember, power tools present a high risk of danger.

Key Takeaway

A good set of power tools purchased at the right price will serve you well and last you a long time. Buying the right power tool can save you a lot of time and headache down the line.

You don’t have to learn this lesson the hard way. Take it from many experts: quality goes a long way when it comes to power tools.



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