Summer Household Projects to try with Power tools

What are some simple household projects using power tools you can do yourself this summer?

  1. Outdoor lighting replacement
  2. Install new windows
  3. Clean fences and decks with a power washer
  4. Spray pest control
  5. Repair deck or patio
  6. Clean exterior and interior vests
  7. Inspect plumbing for leaks
  8. Organize your garage


Summer is usually the time to get projects done around the house. Household projects around this time are typically done by homeowners in the Philippines using power tools and measuring tools.


Upgrading or remodeling projects are best done during the warmer months of the year so you can assess any damage that may have happened during the colder months. Well before the first day of summer arrives, however, it would be best if you have already made a to-do list for your tasks and projects.


Planning ahead will help you enjoy and even relax while doing your projects in the summer months, so here is a list of a few simple household projects you can do this summer using power tools:


Outdoor lighting replacement

outdoor light

Even if there is going to be more daylight hours in the summer months, you and your family are probably going to spend many nights outside at your garden or patio once the weather warms up.


Summer makes the best time to begin upgrading or replacing your old outdoor lights. If you want to save a little more money on energy bills, you can switch over to spiral CFL bulbs, or even LED light bulbs which have better output and reduced electricity consumption.


Install new windows


An easy way to improve your home’s appearance, increase its value, and even lower energy costs are to have the perfect windows installed using power tools in the Philippines.


There are some varieties of windows available such as high-efficiency windows that use a glass coating that insulates your home better and cuts down on UV light penetration. Replacing your windows during the summer can also help cover up the gaps and stop warm air from the outside entering your home.


Clean fences and decks with a power washer


Direct sunlight, moisture, mold, and cold temperatures can all affect the structural integrity and appearance of fences, decks, and other exposed wood.


While you can apply a fresh coat of outdoor paint to help with its longevity, a good power washing on outdoor wood will slow the growth of mildew and mold and improve its appearance.


Spray pest control


As soon as the cold weather disappears, pests and insects are sure to begin showing their telltale signs such as droppings and chewed-up wires.


Many pest control specialists suggest that homeowners should have their homes preemptively sprayed for pest control at least twice a year for common local pests. Summer is the perfect opportunity to get rid of pest problems before they become too much to handle.


Repair your patio or deck


If you have a patio or deck at home, make the necessary repairs with the use of measuring tools as soon as possible. Avoid delaying these repairs so you can enjoy the beautiful exterior spaces of your home.


Your patio, deck, or any other outdoor living space may just need a good wash, but some may also need staining and board or post repair.


Clean exterior and interior vests


Proper air flow through appliances and passageways is important so you have to make sure that your home’s vents are working properly. Begin by checking out the vents of your dryer and make sure that exhaust is coming out.


If you do not feel any exhaust coming out of the vents, it could mean that there is a blockage. While a blockage like this would require professional help, cleaning out the lint from the dryer hose is an important task you can do on your own.


Inspect plumbing for leaks



Summer is also the perfect time to inspect the outside and the inside of your home’s plumbing for possible leaks.


A good place to start is with all of your toilets and faucets. If you experience poor water pressure, it may be due to a faulty aerator. Luckily, this is something that can be easily fixed.


Organize your garage

 organize garage

Your garage has the tendency to get cluttered and become messy during the colder months because you spend more time inside. This summer, take the time to clean and organize your garage.


Throw away, donate, or sell old or unused things in your house that you don’t want or need anymore. Doing this also frees up space and makes room for any new hobbies or things you might want to try.


Key Takeaway


These are just a few great household projects you can do for the summer. Consider doing other projects not on this list as you can see fit and improve the appearance, efficiency, and livability of your home right as the warm weather sets in.


Make use of the tools and equipment you may have purchased that you still have yet to find a use for. Remember to stay safe and have fun!

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