Safety Procedures When Using Electrical Tools and Equipment

Safety Procedures When Using Electrical Tools and Equipment

Tools are valuable items that make work become quicker, simpler, and more convenient. They have made tasks like repairing and building much easier, turning some of the most tedious projects into something that only takes a short while to accomplish. With the creation and development of improved electrical tools and equipment, building and repairing today has become more refined than ever before.

There are many different kinds of electrical tools available in the market today, all with the intention to make life more convenient for its users. Having these invaluable tools at home and work would help you accomplish more tasks, while also ensuring that you get the best results.

Do you need to cut wooden boards for your homemade picnic table? You can simply get a power saw to cut all the pieces and sections that you need, and use a cordless electric drill to attach these segments with screws. Do you need to polish your car to make sure it’s clean and shiny? You can use an electric car polisher to make your work easier. Are there a lot of fallen leaves scattered around your backyard? An electric leaf blower would get those leaves out of the way in a hurry. Do you need to re-attach steel bars together? Use a welding tool to put them in place. Whether they are simple or large tasks, electric tools will always be one of the most reliable options for you.

While these tools make things like these easier than before, there are some important things that need to be put into mind before using them. Using electric equipment requires a great amount of care and caution, as these can be dangerous if not used properly. Improper usage of power tools can cause unwanted injuries that require immediate medical care.

To prevent these scenarios from happening to you or to the people you know, it is best to be informed about proper safety procedures before using the tools themselves. These procedures would not only make sure that you are safe from injury, but also ensure that you are utilizing them properly to prevent damages from occurring.

A number of safety procedures vary from each tool, which means that some safety procedures do not apply to certain tools. Moreover, several of them require you to use specific equipment and safety gear to be certain that parts of your body are being protected. It is also important to note that injuries and mishaps could occur, when your tools are not being kept well, or are of bad quality. To guide you with all these, here are some notable and important safety procedures that you need to know, when you are using electrical tools and equipment at home or at work.

What Safety Procedures You Need to Take Note of?

When using electrical tools and equipment, you have to take note of the following safety procedures:

  • Make sure that your tools are clean and well-maintained– One of the most important things to make sure that your tools would not cause injury, is to make sure that your tools are in the right working conditions. All electrical tools have their own instruction manual, which informs you of the right ways of using your tools, while also telling you how to maintain it and keep it in optimal working condition. The best practice is to always inspect your tools before you decide to use them.

Your manuals have recommendations and important suggestions, when it comes to using your tools in the proper environment. They would also highly advise you to wear the right protective gear. Many professionals follow these; they know that their safety is at risk, if they decide not to heed these warnings.

  • Know the possible hazards that could happen– When using your electrical tools, it is best to know the hazards that it could cause to you while using it. Most electrical tools are known to cut and burn parts of your body when misused. For example, a welding tool can severely burn parts of your skin when coming into contact with it. Remember, going to a skin clinic because you want to is going to be much better than going there because you have to.

Another example is the power saw, which can cut parts of your body if you are not careful when using it. Luckily, these tools make sure that you would not get these injuries by incorporating the right protection that ensures you that no dangerous part of your tool would come in contact with your body.

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  • Make sure that you are wearing the right clothes– Using electrical tools and equipment does not only mean that you know how to make use of them, but you also have to be aware that it is important that you are wearing the right clothes and protection needed.

When using tools, it is best to refrain from wearing any loose clothing or items that can get caught by your tools, like jewelry and watches. The best attire that you can wear, when using electrical tools, is leather and rubber, for they can give you the best protection from getting injuries. You can also use construction-grade attire, which offer the best protection from debris and fragments while working.

  • Work in a stable environment or on a platform– When using any kind of tool; make sure that the place you are working in is the right place to work. For example, if you are using cutting tools, make sure that you are working on a sturdy surface, so that you would be able to cut properly.

Working on unstable surfaces may cause unwanted mishaps and damage that will be troublesome. Also, since you are using a tool that requires electricity, make sure that you are working in a dry area, as electrocution and grounding is possible when liquid comes into contact with your electrical tools and equipment.

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  • Be careful with cables and cords – Most electrical tools need to be plugged in, which means there might be a chance that someone passing by might trip on them, causing both an injury to that person and damage to your equipment.

When using electrical tools and equipment, be certain that the wires and cables are both secure (with adhesives and similar materials) or out of the way from the area you are going around on. Cables and cords are sensitive, and any damage might cause your tools to stop working. To prevent this from happening, do not lift your tools by their cords, and make sure that the cords are bundled up properly.

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  • Post warning signs and add boundaries– When you are in your work area, place signs within the vicinity to inform the people that you are using electrical tools to build or repair. This would prevent people from unknowingly passing by your area, which may cause accidents and injuries.

By informing the people, you are guaranteed that people would know that they should keep away from your area. You can also place boundaries in the area, which protects the people from any form of dust or debris that may come their way. Also, make sure the area still has enough space for you to work on, as not having enough space might force you into using your tools in the wrong angles.

  • Do not bring your tools by hand when you go up a ladder – When you are going up a ladder (or a flight of stairs), make sure that you are not holding any of your tools while doing so. When going up, you would need to concentrate on your balance to avoid falling, and holding a tool while doing so may cause harm and injury to yourself.

Take care that your tools are properly contained before deciding to get higher. You can also use devices that can hoist these tools up for you, so you wouldn’t have to carry anything while getting to higher ground.

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  • Do not carry sharp tools by hand or keep it in soft bags– Most electrical tools are sharp, which is why carrying them by hand or putting them in bags may cause injury. These sharp tools were meant to cut through the hardest surface, which means that you have to cover these sharp areas when they are not in use.

You should always keep your tools in the appropriate containers when bringing them. As much as possible, get a durable toolbox to carry your tools; this would enable you to protect yourself and your equipment.

  • Be extra cautious with your tools when on high elevations– As mentioned before, you must take extra caution with your tools and equipment when going up a ladder. The same can be said if you are going to work on elevated areas.

This is particularly because elevated places can post certain hazards, such as falling dust and debris. It is also possible that your electrical tools and equipment could be the ones to fall, potentially injuring people below.

It is advisable to never leave your tools lying around. They also have to be placed in a safe and secure location.

Use the right tools

  • Use the right tools– Each tool has a specific purpose, and must be only used for that. Do not use tools in places that they are not intended to be used. For example, do not use a cutting tool to do what a grinding tool is meant to do. Doing so can not only cause injuries, but can also damage your tools. If you do not have the right tools for the job you are doing, it is best to postpone work until you acquire the right equipment.
  • Always check your tools after usage– After finishing your job, always take a look at your tools and see if there is any damage or defect that needs to be addressed. While the best tools are durable enough to be resistant to hard surfaces, it is always great to take a closer look to be sure that your tools remain in working condition.

If you see any damage to your tools, have them repaired immediately. It would also work if you have spare tools at your disposal if the job may cause your tools to experience some natural wear and tear.

  • Make sure that you are using quality electrical tools and equipment– The best kinds of tools are the ones that do their job well, and are also durable. Make sure that you are using the best tools available to ensure that you are able to work with no problem. It is also advisable to check if the tools that you are using are made of the best materials for the job – those tools usually come from a trusted manufacturer.

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