4 Woodworking Projects for the Humble Beginner

4 Woodworking Projects for the Humble Beginner

What woodworking projects can humble beginners undertake?

  1. Chopping board
  2. Picture frame
  3. Coat and hat rack
  4. Wall shelf



We know how tempting it is to take on big projects once you start with woodworking. It is, after all, fun to create furniture and accessories from nothing but a few planks of wood and your power tools in the Philippines. However, it might not be the safest nor the smartest decision, especially if you’re but a humble beginner. Immediately going for the biggest projects like creating doors and intricate mechanisms can lead to injuries and accidents and failure may even kill your enthusiastic spirit.

Instead of jumping a few levels, try to take it slow and steady. Build up your confidence and skills in woodworking before you attempt major projects. Fix things around the house, varnish an aging piece of furniture or sand down some drawers or desks. You can also try to make some items but only the very basic ones.

If you don’t know where to start and what projects you can safely undertake, then we suggest that you keep on reading below. In the following sections, we’ll be listing down some woodworking projects that are perfect for the humble beginner!



Chopping Board

When it comes to woodworking, nothing is as basic as crafting a chopping board out of a single piece of wood. It’s easy, fun, and safe even for a beginner. In fact, it’s so simple and basic that anyone, even those not interested or skilled at woodworking, can do it in under a day.

All you need is a medium-sized plank of wood of your choice, something to cut it with, a sander, and food-grade mineral oil. Cut the plank of wood into any shape you want, sand it until it’s smooth on all sides and is stable when placed atop a countertop/table, and then varnish it with mineral oil. Once you’re happy with the end product, you can use it to slice and dice any food you want.



Picture Frame

Here’s another simple yet useful item you can make in your workshop—a picture frame! If you’re one who has stacks of artwork at home but doesn’t have enough frames to put them in, then maybe it’s a sign that you need to make your own. Doing it yourself saves you from having to spend hundreds to buy them in malls and also helps build your skills and confidence.

You won’t even have to handle big pieces of machinery; a saw, a sander, and a bottle of wood glue will suffice. You can also design it any way that fits your interiors or the artwork you’re about to put up. Alternatively, you can also personalize them and hand them out as gifts.



Coat and Hat Rack

Time to clean up your entryway clutter by attaching a coat and hat rack to the wall of your home. You can build this item in just an hour maybe even less if you have all the things you need and properly set them up prior. Speaking of which, you will need a plank of wood enough to fit into the space you’ll put them in, paint or varnish, and different kinds of hooks.

If needed, cut the boards or planks to size, varnish or paint them according to your taste, outfit them with a few hooks, and screw or nail them to the wall. Aside from being a coat and hat rack, you can add small hooks so it can also serve as a key rack.



Wall Shelf

Wall Shelf

Spice up your living or study room by adding a rustic shelf that you can use to store books or display different kinds of artwork. Either way, it is sure to add some sophistication to your space and impress guests. In order to do this, you’ll need two simple but pretty forked branches—buy these at some antique shop or get them from your backyard—and a single plank of wood that is relatively thick.

Cut the plank to length and style it any way you like and then hang it on the wall with enough support using nails, bolts, or screws. It doesn’t have to be extremely sturdy, just enough to support what you’re going to put on it. Once you’re happy with its placement and sturdiness, place the two forked-branches underneath in a way that it looks like they’re supporting the shelf, and that should do it.



Key Takeaway

These woodworking projects may be simple but we can assure you that they’re great starting projects for beginners. As you do these, your skills and confidence will gradually shoot up. They’re also a nice reminder of the awesome things you can accomplish and you’ll feel proud of yourself when you see them being used in your home.

These items will motivate you to master the craft, and soon, you’ll be using power tools in the Philippines to make closets, bed frames, dining tables, and other unique furniture that only you can come up with!

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