6 Ways to Recycle Old Gardening Tools in the Philippines

5 Ways to Recycle Old Gardening Tools in the Philippines

What are some ways to recycle old gardening tools in the Philippines?

  1. Garden gate décor
  2. Birdhouse
  3. Gardening tools organizer
  4. Garden hose wreath
  5. Door and drawer knobs


Are you into gardening? Then you should know that aside from taking care of plants and filling your shed with the necessary items, you should also be concerned with the gardening tools you got from a Philippine store that are beginning to gain dust in your storage. After all, these tools aren’t really meant to last forever, and a time will come when they’ll inevitably be rendered useless. Should you immediately toss them in the trash can, then?

Of course you shouldn’t! You might be surprised at the the other creative and innovative things that you can do with them.

Here are 5 ways to recycle old gardening tools in the Philippines.


Garden gate décor

Photo from Savwi

Does your garden have a gate? If it does, then don’t let it remain dull and uninviting. You want to make sure that it’s as attractive as the expanse of your garden. One way of enhancing this entrance is by using your old gardening tools to decorate it. You can feature your shovels, rakes, and pretty much any old tool, along with hanging some of potted plants. The possibilities are endless!



Photo from Pinterest

Want to a birdhouse but don’t have a tree to hang it from? If you have a shovel that you aren’t using anymore, one that is still whole and isn’t smashed to pieces, you can transform it into a birdhouse that you can use to spruce up your yard.

To do this, simply place the shovel in an upright position. You can position it against a fence or a wall. You can also cement the blade/scoop of the shovel on the ground. Secure an already-built wooden birdhouse on top of its handle and voila!

Gardening tools organizer

Photo from Lushome

The broken rake lying on your garden shouldn’t be dismissed so quickly. Sure, its head has already separated from the handle, and it couldn’t be used for cleaning purposes anymore—but that doesn’t mean it should be thrown away. After all, you can still convert it into a gardening tools organizer. Hang it on the wall of your garden shed and place gardening tools in between the teeth. Now you don’t have to worry about your gardening tools constantly being misplaced!

Aside from gardening tools, you can also hang other things in your broken rake, such as:

  • potted plants
  • keys
  • necklace
  • belts
  • kitchen utensils


Garden hose wreath

Photo from CreateCraftLove

A busted garden hose isn’t as useless as you might initially presume. You can fashion it into a wreath and use it to adorn your front door.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Wound the hose into a coil. You don’t have to be so precise about it. After all, there’s something beautiful about non-uniform concentric patterns as well.
  2. Secure the coil with a string.
  3. Hide that unsightly string! All you have to do is decorate that portion of the hose with vibrant flowers, colorful cloth, and fancy ribbons.

Now you’re good to go! Your door doesn’t have to be drab and boring anymore, and you certainly won’t need to buy those costly wreaths!


Door and drawer knobs

Image from Indulgy

If the knobs in your doors or closets desperately need to be replaced, then no need to go to some hardware store in the Philippines. Just let those old gardening tools do the trick. Yes, you can repurpose them into door or drawer knobs!

Aside from being a brilliant way of using those tattered tools, it can also add character to your room!


Key Takeaway

Gardening is a task that may require you to get your hands on several tools and equipment. Don’t worry, these aren’t things that you only use once, and they really do help make certain tasks much easier. Once you no longer need certain tools because you don’t want them to become clutter, first consider giving them away to those who may need it. Otherwise, you can take some of the suggestions on this list to make sure the tools can still serve a purpose! 

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